3 Best Insoles for Basketball Players in 2023

The best insoles in basketball shoes help players to perform fancy footwork needed to play basketball.

They can also often run into each other. All of these things can lead to foot-related injuries after a while. 

That is why players look for the best insoles for basketball shoes.

Stick around, as this article contains three recommended insoles.

Best Insoles for Basketball

First, What Are Insoles?

Insoles are the material you put inside your shoes to make them more comfortable and fit better.

These insoles, also called “footbeds,” make your shoes more comfortable by filling the space between your feet.

Because you can take these insoles out to clean them, they keep your shoes clean and fresh.

If your shoes are too big, these insoles are what you need to make them the right size for your feet.

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Recommended Insoles

Recommended Insoles

Insoles from Sof Sole

Sof Sole Arch is bigger than any other typical insole.

So, these insoles are easy to put into any big shoes. 

The gel heels on these insoles give them a lot of life.

These insoles have the same level of support as Super Feet Arch Support.

The Shock Doctor looks a lot like these insoles. These are the best insoles for sports performance. 

They are breathable and light, and they promise to give you great results on the court.

It is made with high-quality fabric, gel, and foam to make you more comfortable during the game.

Gel pads are built into the shoes’ heels and front of the feet to absorb shock quickly and add extra cushioning.

The Hydrologix Fiber wicks away sweat so that your feet stay dry for hours while you play.

The insoles control odor and can kill bacteria deep within the insoles.

Powerstep’s Pinnacle Maxx

The Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx has everything you need to protect your foot from heel to toe.

It is a full-length insole with a deep heel cup and firm arch support. 

It also has a two-degree medial post for midfoot support, a slightly angled heel platform on the outside, and excellent cushioning.

These features give you more control and stability with your feet, which makes them a great addition to your basketball shoes.

The two layers of EVA foam at the bottom of the insole help absorb shock when jumping high.

The cover consists of antimicrobial polyester that keeps your feet dry and comfortable. 

The fabric isn’t very well attached to the insole base, which is a shame.

Having that fabric coming off your feet might not be comfortable.

Walk Hero Orthotic Inserts for Arch Support

The WalkHero might be your best bet if you need a strong insole that gives excellent support in many different ways.

The company makes it with firm, long-lasting EVA foam that protects your feet from the constant pounding you get when you play.

The model also has anatomical arch support to help your foot and leg align better.

Because of this, the insoles are great for people with flat feet and players with plantar fasciitis. 

The system for letting air in is also great.

Even though the deeper heel is great, it is less comfortable than the rest of the insole.

The model is still lovely to wear, but that part of your foot will get hit a little harder than the rest.

That is, however, a minor flaw in what is otherwise a complete model.

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FAQ – Best Insoles for Basketball

What to look for in a basketball shoe insole?

1- Support

Support is the most important thing you should look for in a basketball insole.
Looking for insoles that give your arches and heels the proper support would be best.
It will help you absorb shocks, stay stable, and keep your balance.
The arch support needs to fit the shape of your foot.
Get one with high arch support if your arches are high. 
A mild or neutral arch is suitable for flat feet. Get insoles with a deep heel cup to ensure your heels are in the right place.
The material must be firm enough and have enough give to it.
It will help you absorb shocks, stay stable, and keep your balance.
Strong materials like EVA foam are a good example, but you can also think about other materials.

2- Durability

You should expect the insoles to wear down normally when you use them a lot.
The length of time before you replace a product depends on the person and how they use the product. 
Most people should expect a pair of insoles to last about three months.
You should be careful that the insoles don’t fall apart while playing because that could be dangerous. 
It is essential to buy from well-known brands that stand behind their goods.

3- Good for the Job

Use insoles for athletic shoes or, even better, ones for basketball.
It ensures that the product was made for the fast pace and constant movement that sports require.
If they fit, you can wear insoles for athletic shoes every day.
However, you can’t use an “everyday” insole in basketball shoes. There will need to be more help.
If you want to treat a specific condition, you can also get foot orthotics that are made just for you.
It will be the best way to meet your needs, but it will be costly.

4- Size And Fit

Look at what other customers have said about the size to get the right one.
It is imperative to get this right so that your foot correctly fits the insoles’ shape. 
Think about the shoes you’ll be wearing.
Make sure the shoe has enough room for your foot to rest comfortably without being squeezed.
Remember to take out the old insoles from your basketball shoes.
Double insoles won’t help your feet and will make your shoes feel tight and uncomfortable.
Some insoles come with extra material that you can cut away.
Try to get ones that can be kept the same whenever you can.
Full-length insoles are better than half-length ones because they support the arch and the heel.

How does a basketball insole help?

Improved postures

There are insoles called orthotic insoles made to help you stand up straight.
These insoles will perfectly fit your feet and help you stand, walk or run better.

Improved Grip

The basketball shoes must fit well to avoid getting hurt on the court.
These soles help you keep your footing by wrapping your shoes tightly around your feet.

Blister Prevention

Most of the time, insoles help prevent blisters by making shoes fit comfortably to avoid rubbing or irritation.

Added Warmth

These insoles help keep your feet warmer by giving you a good grip and ensuring your shoes fit well.
An extra layer of insoles helps keep your feet warm when it’s colder.

Final Thoughts

Other than these three popular insoles for basketball players, there are more out there waiting for you to discover.

Remember that if these three still don’t work out for you, go and find an insole that helps your feet the best. 

Stay safe and good luck!