Best Inline Skates

In this blog, you’ll see some of the best inline skate brands in the world. Of course, they are not the only brand you’ll ever find, but these are the most recommended ones. 

These brands quality skates that support the skating industry alive. Most of them started as skaters themselves, so they know the best when it comes to the best inline skates. 

Some brands stood against the test of time when it comes to inline skating. They managed to conquer the downs and ride with the ups of the sport, making them great in the business.

Meanwhile, the newer brands also provide quality inline skates that highlight brilliant performance. Despite being new in the market, they can still offer the best pair of skates. 

In this list, you’ll see quality inline skates that can survive abuse and time, which some brands still find hard to achieve.

You don’t have to think about them breaking apart because they crafted their products through multiple testing and modifications. 


SEBA - best inline skates

Seba started in 2005 to provide quality skates that allow skaters to perform well regardless of what type. Their skates focus on giving control to the riders so they can have better-freestyling tricks. 

The brand is famous in the freestyle and freerides styles because of their various skates in the said field. They are all high-performance skates that you will love too. 

For skaters who want to perform a lot of tricks on their skates, Seba can help you with that. The control Seba gives when you skate you to speed up, abruptly stop, or even race. 

Some skaters prefer competitive skating, but some skaters prefer freestyle skating more. The Seba skates focus on this type of inline skating; therefore, their skate’s performance is on another level. 

Seba produces their skates by putting them under tests to develop the product continuously. In this way, it ensures that their skates will perform well under any freestyling conditions. 

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Universal Skate Design

Universal Skate Design

Universal Skate Design or USD started in 1997, and their brand focuses on competitive inline skating. In other words, their skates are best for aggressive skating. 

Each year, since their establishment, they released inline skates that improved through time. The feedback from the beginning helped in developing a better pair of skates as time went on. 

If you see USD inline skates, you’ll notice how the appearance changed over the years and even better in the skater’s performance. It became one of the best aggressive inline skate brands. 

As mentioned, the brand continues to improve its products to provide better skates. The technology used in their present products is way different from what they used in the past. 

As of now, USD’s skates are low to the ground and well-designed grind plates. These features allow skaters to have maximum control and easeful grind when riding. 

Naturally, these skates are one of the most respected brands in the market. Their brand also releases videos of their skates that you may watch. 

The brand introduced Aeons, their new pair of inline skates, which utilized better technology in the making. They ditched the technology they applied for the past twenty years so they can release the best skates. 

Since their skates are for aggressive use, you can use them for recreational and fitness purposes. They can also be for casual skating in the park or around the block.



We know rollerblades as a skating activity, but did you know that the word Rollerblade is actually from a company? Specifically, the brand Rollerblade started in 1982 that accommodates skating needs. 

They are the first skating brand to distribute globally despite the closing of some skate brands in specific areas. When you hear rollerblading, you can find its root from this company. 

Just how influential this brand is that people refer to inline skating as rollerblading. That’s right, the sport’s name is inline skating and not rollerblading. 

The brand Rollerblade became a common word in the skating household that people interchanged it with the actual name of the sport. It introduced inline skating to more people. 

As expected from this brand, their skates are all of the excellent quality. The speed can race even long distances, its functionality in training and performing, and versatility in freestyling and competitions. 

You should expect the most when opting for the Rollerblade brand because not only do their skates have an impressive reputation in quality, their skates are also affordable. 

Rollerblade experienced failures and successes in the journey, but their innovative skills helped them produce better skates as time went on. 

As of now, their products focus more on fitness and freeride skating uses. But of course, they still offer aggressive inline skates for other types of skaters. 


Powerslide - best inline skates

Powerslide is one of those brands with skating engraved in their roots. Like Seba, this brand started with its passion for skating; therefore, most people working in the company also enjoy the sport. 

When inline skating was at its peak in 1994, Matthias Knoll started Powerslide. However, the company only started releasing its product in 1997. 

Over the years, Powerslide continuously developed its skates to create the best inline skates possible. It only became possible with their consistent innovation that they were able to release better skates.

Their skates have impressive features of being stable and having a lower center of gravity. They have great products for people who enjoy inline skating.

With Knoll being a great speed skater, you may expect that their products are best suitable for speed skating. Their skates are ridiculously impressive with a lot of variants. 

Of course, they also have skated for those who enjoy performance and freestyle. You can find almost any inline skates in their shop. 

Also, they have skates for fitness and recreation, which are comfortable to use because the boots are soft. Since they are not for competitive skating, they don’t have the same control as other product lines. 

Meanwhile, Powerslide also strives in its social media content. They produce excellent content with the help of Ricardo Lino until his last project with the brand before he transferred to Micro Skate. 



As early as 1952, Roces was already starting in the sports industry. The company started in a small town near Venice, where Lina and Ottorino Cavasin made trekking and ski footwear out of leather. 

Later on, they also created ski boots and ice skates when there was a new sports technology. During the 1990s, the inheritors of the business discovered inline skates during a ski show.

Since then, the brand entered the inline skating market despite the lack of experience and knowledge in the field. 

With the knowledge and skills from making ski boots and other winter footwear, the brand made high-quality inline skates which are helpful in most inline skating styles. 

Roces excels in freestyle, aggressive, and fitness; however, they don’t do very well in speed skating. 

It is one of the most trusted inline skates because of its history. The company experienced ups and downs during its inline skating journey.

Luckily, technology helped the brand to produce better and better inline skates over time, and they are now offering more products. 

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Other Brands To Consider:

Before we close this post, we’ll be adding more brands you may consider. The brands are not the best brands for inline skates; however, they are some of the best brands that cater to basic skating needs. 

Most of the brands mentioned above are high-quality regarding their performance and how long they will last according to the skating styles. 

However, there are still many skates out there that deserve recognition when getting your inline skates.

These brands include Fila Skates, Flying Eagle, Razors, and Adapt.