5 Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet (2023)

Playing basketball feels best when your sneakers are as snug as they can be.

It is a shame that some people have feet that are wider than average.

Most of the time, they must go up at least half a size to get the basketball shoes they want.

If that sounds like you, you’re looking for the best basketball shoes for wide feet.

The quick answer is that you should shop around and look for a shoe style and size that fits your feet.

But don’t worry; I’ve got you covered.

In this article are five basketball shoes that are perfect for wide feet.

But first, let’s talk about the upper and the outsole.

Seeing their plight, companies like Nike and Adidas start making basketball shoes in sizes that are better for those with wide feet.

In many other cases, the upper is made from materials that stretch easily so that people with wide feet don’t have to adjust the size.

Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet

Upper that stretches

Genes play a significant role in how wide our feet are.

Our feet are not all the same width when we are born.

This makes it hard to choose basketball shoes when you are looking at all the shoes online.

Because they don’t have an arch, basketball players with flat feet tend to have wider feet.

This could make you more likely to feel pain when doing strenuous physical activities.

Foot problems like bunions or calluses can also cause feet to be wider than average.

If your feet seem odd, you should consider visiting a doctor.

Do not ignore the signs, as they can lead to more pain and potential accidents in the future if you already have a health problem.

Not all basketball shoes are made with uppers that are flexible and stretchy.

Remember to check how the upper fit your wide feet.

Shoemakers can choose from materials like mesh, textile, leather, and soft synthetics that are stretchy and easy to shape.

This is highly beneficial if you want the shoe to fit like a sock.

The improvement of technology has done a lot to help basketball shoes.

Engineers work at shoe companies to develop new materials for each shoe part.

With different foot types in mind, the goal is to make athletes more comfortable and improve their performance.

The idea behind materials like Nike’s Flywire was to create a simple, lightweight upper that keeps feet from slipping.

Wide-footed athletes should opt for materials that won’t stop them from moving.

The middle of the foot and the front of the foot should have enough room to move.

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Wide Outsole

When buying basketball shoes, you must know how wide your feet are.

Even if the shoe is soft, the toes shouldn’t feel squished.

It would be best if you considered that you’d be wearing these shoes for long periods.

You place your feet under more pressure when you run, jump, or stop suddenly.

There must be adequate room around the toe box for a better fit and greater comfort.

Basketball shoes with a wide toe box are a real plus.

This is something else you should be thinking about when choosing wide basketball shoes.

Even though the upper is made of soft, stretchy materials, your wide feet will still need a broader base.

EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) midsoles are soft and adapt well to wide feet, providing extra comfort.

It would be best to consider how your feet absorb shock from every angle, given how wide they are.

Taller athletes typically have wider feet.

When deciding which shoes to buy, weight and how it affects the midsole and outsole are significant.

It’s best to have a soft, stretchy, flexible, and breathable upper.

The midsole needs to be made of materials made with advanced technology that can support intense pounding and hard landings.

If the base is bigger, having wider outriggers is a good thing.

The pattern on the bottom of the shoe is another crucial part that shouldn’t be overlooked.

As people with wider feet land differently than people with narrower feet, the tread pattern should be sticky in all directions.

Shoe Recommendations

Nike Kyrie 7

Nike Kyrie 7 is great for players who like to play aggressively.

Those who play aggressively will have an advantage if they wear these shoes.

A good shoe has a top that fits the shape of your foot, a cushion that springs back, and a gripping tread pattern.

The Kyrie 7 is a good choice for casual and severe basketball players.

Embiid 1

The Embiid 1’s are bigger shoes for bigger feet. Sturdy builds, lots of support, a strong base, and the strongest grip on the market make them perfect for bigger players.

This, along with the roomy inside, is great for people with wide feet.

The comfortable die-cut EVA sock liner might be the most impressive thing about these shoes.

With the 5/8 ankle support and TPU wing midsole lockdown, you’ll never have difficulties starting or running.

The shoes are also very comfortable.

Just keep in mind that the shoes are on the bigger side, even though they have a lot of excellent features.

They’re not the right pair for players who want something slim or quiet.

But if you don’t mind wearing more oversized shoes, they are some of the best wide-fitting pairs you can buy.

Adidas Pro Model 2G

Basketball players, especially guard players, like the Adidas Pro Model 2G because it has a good grip and is comfortable.

Many people are happy that this new version of the Adidas Pro Model looks and works just as well as the original.

Fans are delighted that these old-school basketball shoes are so cheap for what they cost.

Lebron 18

The Lebron 18 is a performance-focused shoe for people with wide feet with many high-end features.

This includes the KnitPosite 2.0 design, the Zoom Air Unit, good cushioning on impact, and a padded collar.

The shoes are both comfortable and responsive because of this mix.

No matter what position you play or how much time you spend on the court, these shoes will make your game more interesting.

Just keep in mind that they tend to be on the big side.

Getting a half-size down is usually the best way, especially if you have trouble fitting other shoes.

If you do that, you’ll get a durable shoe that works well repeatedly.

Under Armour Basketball Shoe HOVR Havoc 2

Under Armour Basketball Shoe HOVR Havoc 2

The upper of the Under Armour HOVR Havoc 2 is made of material with holes in it to make it more flexible.

This can fit wide feet.

The material also lets air through and feels good on a wide range of foot widths.

When you sweat a lot during high-intensity parts of the game, the mesh tongue helps airflow.

The webbed lacing system lets you get the right fit.

Even if your feet are wider, the half-bootie fits like a glove.

The sock liner is made of EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) and is cut with a die to last longer.

When you jump, run, or stop suddenly and pop, the HOVR technology gives you more support.

People with wide feet need stability, and the TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane plastic) material in the midsole helps you stay stable when you’re moving.

The outsole has a propulsion plate that makes the toe-off more springy, especially for people with wider feet.

The outsole has a tread pattern that looks like a modified herringbone, which makes it easier to walk on.

The thick rubber outsole and the midsole work together to absorb a lot of shocks.

Overall, this is an extra durable pair of shoes made of high-quality materials that are flexible and bendable enough for wide feet.

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Final Thoughts

Remember that this list is not ranked. One pair may be more compatible with your feet than the others.

Try them on to see if they fit well with your foot shape.