The Best Basketball Shoes for Flat Feet

Many youth’s passions fizzle out when they find that they can’t enjoy playing basketball due to their flat feet.

It gets difficult to move, and at one point, it will cause injuries. 

If you are experiencing these, then keep reading.

This article about the best basketball shoes for flat feet will prove most beneficial to you.

First, let’s look at qualities you should consider for a shoe to accommodate your flat feet.

Best Basketball Shoes for Flat Feet

Support for your Arches

The arches of your feet are an essential part of your balance.

It helps your foot support your body weight, keeps you stable when standing up straight, and absorbs shock. 

Look for basketball shoes that support your arches and have a firm midsole.

This will help you stay stable and absorb shock.

Well-Cushioned for Your Feet

For optimal comfort on the court, your basketball footwear should provide shock absorption in the forefoot, heel, and ankle.

Your shoes will fit better if they have the right amount of cushioning in these areas. 

It gives your ankles extra protection when you run across the court.

When you turn and look for an opening to take your shot, the balls of your feet will also feel good.

Traction for Grip and Stability

Good traction comes from the outer sole pattern, material, and amount of floor contact.

The best grip comes from a rubber shoe’s outsole, which usually has a traditional herringbone pattern. 

There are new ways to use the conventional herringbone pattern that provides the same amount of grip on the floor and makes the shoes look better.

Traction is essential to keep your balance and stability and not slip while you move quickly within a game.

Having flat feet makes this even more critical.

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Shoe Recommendations

Considering these three, here are a few shoe models we think would work best for flat feet.

The Under Armour Curry 9

The Under Armour Curry 9 is even better than the Under Armour Curry 8.

The new Flow technology is still there, but it is now built into the shoe to make the ride smoother. 

People still had problems with instability, which the company fixed by making “the upper” more stable.

The grip is still one of the best you can get on the market.

The Nike LeBron 19

The Nike LeBron 19 looks like many shoes, but people with flat feet will probably like playing in these.

The cushioning in the forefoot is a big Air Zoom unit that covers most of the front half of the shoe. 

A piece of plastic also goes up the middle of the foot, which keeps the foot stable inside.

As a bonus, the midsole is made of Cushlon, which helps protect your feet when you land.

The Adidas Dame Men’s Dame 5

The Adidas Dame Men’s Dame 5 was made by one of the best-known companies.

It is made to meet the needs of players with flat feet. 

The extra webbed padding on the inside of the shoes makes them more comfortable, especially for people with fallen arches who need more support.

Synthetic materials make up the rest of the shoe, so they quickly dry if they become wet.

It is suitable for basketball players with flat feet because it has good traction on hardwood floors. 

The shoe also has a wide foot box, making it comfortable for people with flat or wide feet.

The sole of this athletic shoe is made of rubber, which gives players with flat feet a lot of support.

Adidas is great because it comes in different colors and styles, like clear mint, core black, collegiate purple, and so on. 

This gives the buyer a lot of choices.

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The Nike Men’s Air Force 1

Nike Men’s Air Force 1 came out for the first time in 2016 from Nike, known for making sports shoes.

If you play basketball and have flat feet, this is one of the best shoes you can possibly buy.

It, too, has a rubber bottom, but the rest of the shoe is made of leather.

Because of the cushioning around the ankle, the padding on the shoes was very comfortable. 

The buyers don’t have a lot of options when it comes to color and variety.

The soles of these flat-foot basketball shoes are said to be well-made so that they won’t wear out quickly.

Most importantly, it has a strap that you can modify. 

So, the person who wears it can change how it fits to make it feel best.

The shoe’s only problem is that the holes lack good ventilation for your feet.

The Men’s Under Armour Team Drive 4

The Men's Under Armour Team Drive 4

This shoe came out for the first time in 2017 and was made primarily for basketball players.

The part that goes around the ankle has a collar that gives better support and a better fit. 

The whole shoe is made of artificial fibers that let a lot of airflows through.

These basketball shoes are good for flat feet because they are wrapped around the toe area. 

This makes it easier to move.

And the Micro Gheel unit, which is visible, adds firm cushioning that’s best for flat feet.

The only big problem with the shoe was that it made people’s feet sweat after an hour, even if the outside was wet, which made them lose their balance.

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The Nike Men’s Air Overplay IX

It’s a fashionable shoe that comes in ark black or wolf gray blended with red, white, navy, pink, or citrus.

Because the heel of this shoe is encased, it has comfortable cushioning, so people with flat feet won’t feel any pain even after being hit.

It is made of lightweight material, which makes it more breathable and perfect for people with flat feet.

Its high-tech design helps to get rid of heat. 

It can keep water out well, so a bit of rain won’t get the socks wet.

The herringbone pattern on the bottom of the shoe gives excellent traction, even on dusty floors. 

Nike gave this shoe a unique feature in the middle of the foot.

It has a cored-out shape that spreads the body’s weight evenly, so it doesn’t put pressure on one spot.

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Final Thoughts

You should still make sure to try sizes that fit you, but we believe these shoes work well for the majority of people with flat feet.

It is a shame when people give up their passion for playing because their feet form differently than others. 

Once you find the shoe that fits you, get back out there and safely enjoy!