7 Best Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support

Basketball has been a crowd’s favorite for a long time, either playing or watching the game itself.

Many audiences find it to be entertaining, while some want to try it. In this article, I’ll show you the best basketball shoes for ankle support.

Some people find basketball a little challenging to play. It mostly has intense physical movements that involve ankle use. 

Players run across the court to play this sport, so control over ankle and feet movements is vital in the game. 

It’s almost impossible for basketball players not to encounter any ankle-related injury when playing basketball. Some injure their feet and ankle after a layup or when stripping over your foot or someone else’s foot.  

Ankle injuries are painful, but there are ways to prevent ankle injuries or severe ones. One of these ways is getting a basketball shoe that has ankle support.

Basketball shoes are not just for agility, but they will also save you from a painful landing and twisting of the ankle. 

If you have shoes with ankle support, you can avoid them when you wrongly land on your foot. 

Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support Checklist

Some people think that basketball is one of the most challenging sports to play. All of your body parts have to be in check, especially the feet. 

With most movements focused on the feet, the ankle is at risk. You may get ankle injuries if you depend too much on your ankle to do shots. 

But the good thing is that there are basketball shoes with excellent ankle support features to reduce the possibility of snapping your ankle while playing. 

Basketball players acquire ankle injuries when they tear their ligaments or sprained their feet. In some cases, these injuries last for months before which can entirely affect a basketball player’s career. 

Imagine: your time, skills, and effort wasted because you chose the wrong shoe that could have prevented the painful ankle injury. 

So to prevent any more distress, this blog will provide a comprehensive list of some of the best basketball shoes for ankle support. 

However, there are a lot of shoes that offer ankle support in the market. This list will only mention famous players and would be suitable for a newbie in basketball. 

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Adidas Crazy Explosive 2017

best basketball shoes for ankle support -Adidas Crazy Explosive

Adidas is one of the best sports brands that offer a variety of basketball shoes for ankle support. 

These Crazy Explosive 2017 shoes have unique features that can help you with ankle support issues. 

Shoe Construction

This shoe has a solid grip on the wall, so you will not easily slip when wearing it. It is best for indoor basketball use because you may need to clean it a couple of times when used outside. 

Your overall game performance will be excellent if you have these shoes because of their fantastic traction. 

Aside from that, it has a boosted cushion that players will enjoy a lot while wearing. It makes the feet feel comfortable even during a game. 

The comfortable cushion is an excellent indicator that this shoe will be a great companion if you want an ankle support shoe for basketball use. It keeps your feet relaxed and free from possible injuries. 

Also, the Crazy Explosive 2017 uses high-quality materials that provide the utmost safety for players. 

The Prime knit helps in optimizing that ankle support you need. It is thick and gives complete support to your ankle by surrounding it with a durable knit. 

Despite being thick, the Prime knit is flexible, another edge in protecting your ankles from injuries. When games get a little too intense, this pair of shoes will do their job. 

At first, you may find the thick knit bothersome, but eventually, it often becomes more comfortable for players. 


When it comes to supporting quality, Crazy Explosive 2017 is one of the best. The premium materials provide full support on the ankle that players will like. 

Good ankle support allows the players to have better stability so they won’t easily fall or trip during a game. The outsoles and shank add help in creating that stability. 

There’s also a cage on the front part of the shoe to keep your forefoot in place. It is because the forefoot is vital in lateral movements and upright positions. 

Comfort And Fit

The comfort and fit you get from this shoe are genuinely exceptional. The ankle support is solid, but it is still comfortable to wear. 

Also, the shoes hold the feet most appropriately to keep the ankle and toe supported and in place. The Prime knit also helps in providing comfort on the feet during a game. 

There are five eyelets in this shoe which is not a lot, so it can be easier for the foot to breathe. It is one of the best shoes Adidas offers for basketball players who need ankle support. 

Pros And Cons

The fantastic cushion provides comfort and support to the ankle, especially on the back part. You will also enjoy wearing it because it keeps you stable and your grip on the floor solid. 

The quality rubber used in the soles gives you solid traction to run and slide better. 

Also, the five eyelets allow your feet to breathe from too much pressure in lacing them. 

However, this pair of shoes is not suitable for a long duration of practice or games. Also, players who have naturally weak knees will not find it to be good for them. 

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Adidas Originals Men’s Pro Bounce 2018 

best basketball shoes for ankle support - Adidas Originals Men's Pro Bounce 2018

Adidas just doesn’t run out of excellent shoes to release that they have another one to help you with your ankle support problems. 

The fashionable Adidas Originals Men’s Pro Bounce 2018 is a stylish basketball shoe and a great ankle support shoe. 

Over time, this brand continues to innovate fashionable and unique shoes that cater to a range of basketball players. 

Shoe Construction

The shoe is a semi-high cut covering the ankles, so it is a good sign that your ankles will be safe from injury. 

Players will find these shoes comfortable because of their cushion that is flexible too. While it is gentle, the sole is excellent.

It has a solid synthetic sole that helps you play better on the floor. Adidas never fails to give their customers comfort and flexibility, which are vital in any sports shoe. 


If you want the perfect basketball shoes for ankle support, choosing a shoe whose main feature is to provide ankle support seems fitting. 

It is simply what the Men’s Pro Bounce is all about. The TPU-coated fibers provide durability to the shoes so that they can support your ankles for a long time. 

You will not only get ankle support, but it can help strengthen your ankles as well. 

Fit And Comfort

Remember the Crazy Explosive 2017 shoes from Adidas, which are not best for those who have weak ankles? Worry no more because Adidas offers this one as a peace offering. 

The Men’s Pro Bounce 2018 is perfect for weak ankles or being afraid of getting an ankle injury. 

Adidas considered player movements when making this shoe for matching how players can be quick on moves.

Pros And Cons

The high-top cut of the shoes keeps your ankle in place and supported. Meanwhile, the sole of the boots is solid and gives players a nice bounce. 

It also has premium materials that make the shoe light and breathable for players who might use this for a long practice.  

You may also find the treads of this shoe to be unique but still fashionable. However, you may not use it outside because it is not suitable for outdoor activities. 

Adidas Men’s Dame 5

Adidas Men's Dame 5

The last Adidas in this list is their Adidas Men’s Dame 5, another basketball shoe for ankle support. Adidas is a consistent brand that provides quality products for sports players. 

The brand utilizes premium materials to provide players their needs and, in this case, a shoe for ankle support. 

Shoe Construction

Dame 5 has a unique sole design and construction but is still manageable for players to use. Every line in the pattern is thick and makes dust almost invisible to the eye.

It has a combination of mesh and leather for the body for a different feel. Though the leather part of the shoe provides bare support on the ankle, the sole makes up for it. 

It provides firm support to the ankle while allowing players to play safely with its tight grip. The rubber outsole makes the shoe hold on the floor better to avoid slipping. 

Therefore, this shoe is best for clear courts, but you need to watch out because it may be slippery for rough or dirty courts. 

Players can be in danger if they use this shoe in such places, but the herringbone traction makes up for it because it is a basketball essential. 


The shoe has a good bounce and responsiveness, which gives more stability to the ankle. If there’s excellent stability, then there is excellent ankle support.

Also, the shoe’s overall design shows an excellent example of a supportive ankle structure that gives both stability and protection to the ankles. 

Comfort And Fit

The overall material of the shoe is comfortable and provides ultimate support on the feet. It allows players to play smoothly during any basketball game. 

Pros And Cons

Your ankles are not just safe and stable, but they are comfortable in this shoe. The cushion gives you a good bounce while being a high ankle supportive shoe. 

It also has an extra space on the forefoot part to keep your feet more space to breathe. 

The only downside about this shoe is that you cannot use it for dirty courts. You can harm yourself because it is slippery for the Dame 5. 

Under Armour Curry 2.5

best basketball shoes for ankle support - Under Armour Curry

Many people may know Under Armour as it is another famous basketball sports brand. It offers premium basketball shoes for ankle support, especially for those with weak ankles. 

There are many Under Armour shoes in the market to choose to fit your style and play. Still, they cater to those with weak ankles with their premium shoes. 

Shoe Construction

The material used in Under Armour Curry 2.5 is of high quality, making it last long and durable. Also, it utilizes current threads to adapt to the changing basketball environment. 

Many players opt to purchase this shoe because of its versatility and the high-quality material Under Armour used. Hence, you can say that many players choose it as their favorite. 

The shoe sole has Herringbone traction to have excellent grip on the floor. It is also the reason why it is a high ankle supportive shoe.

This traction gives the foot more stability and control on the foot’s movement so that you can be safer with your ankle. 

Also, this shoe has a carbon fiber technique used in it which adds to the ankle support. Players can jump high and land safely on their feet without straining them. 

You can also trust the forefoot to help you grasp the floor better because it has carbon fibers in it. 


There are carbon fibers in the Curry 2.5, a unique technology that Under Armour started to launch.

The forefeet has the most support, so you can keep your feet stable and safe from any dislocation due to a wrong landing. 

Comfort And Fit

The shoes are flexible, so it gives players a more relaxed and comfortable feel. It lets the feet breathe a little so it won’t feel too much pressure while in-game. 

Pros And Cons

There are many great things about this shoe, thanks to the high-quality materials that it has. Wearing the sneakers gives off a durable feeling, so expect them to last longer. 

You can also notice that the best features of this shoe are usually at the bottom part. The traction is compact, which gives an excellent grip.

There are also carbon fibers in the forefoot to keep the ankles safe from injuries and dislocation.

Under Armour also has a Threadborne technology used in the Curry 2.5, making it light and ankle support. 

And for those who love their shoes to be stylish, Curry 2.5 offers many color variations and styles. 

Meanwhile, the shoes can be too expensive for some because of the high-quality materials in them. Some Under Armour shoes are even more pricey than Adidas.

Also, since the shoes are best for indoor games, they could be slippery for outdoor use. You may find slight suffocation on your feet because it is not fully breathable. 

Reebok Men’s Shaq Attaq

best basketball shoes for ankle support - Reebok Men's Shaq Attaq

Reebok can be an underrated brand in this field, but they produce quality basketball shoes for ankle support. It is a leading brand that caters to sports needs for shoes. 

Their shoes are also fashionable with full ankle support that many basketball players like. For example, these Reebok Men’s Shaq Attaq shoes will fulfill your shoe needs. 

Shoe Construction

Reebok utilized the use of graphite in their latest technology which helps give the players security. 

It has a semi-high cut design which many players like. It is excellent for those who are looking for perfect ankle support shoes to save them from injury. 

Basketball players will also like the shoe’s durability because they can use it for a long time. 

Also, it is a great shoe to use in running around because it has an excellent grip on the floor. It sticks nicely with the help of the rubber sole.

Overall, the highly ankle supportive shoes have a firm grip and durable use indoors and outdoors. 


Reebok Men’s Shaq Attaq gives better stability and support to the ankle to avoid injuries. The overall design fits well with the ankle support agenda of this shoe. 

Comfort And Fit

Reebok’s graphite technology in these shoes makes it comfortable for players even when in an intense game. Not only is the graphite relaxing, but it is also great for ankle support. 

So even when you’re all laced up, the shoes still have a good fit for players. 

Pros And Cons

These shoes take pride in their durability and comfort, which many players like when buying basketball shoes. The design is an excellent fit for those who want highly ankle-supportive shoes. 

It also has the unique latest graphite technology that makes all these features possible to achieve. 

However, people with wide-footed people may find the shoes uncomfortable because they are a little narrow. 

Nike Men’s Hyperdunk 2015 PRM

Nike Men’s Hyperdunk 2015 PRM

Nike is always at the top for basketball shoes, so it’s no surprise that they have basketball shoes for ankle support.

These shoes are efficient, so many will love this one. It keeps your ankles safe from dislocation and your game efficient. 

Shoe Construction 

Nike has Zoom Air technology which makes the soles outstanding. It gives the forefeet ultimate support so you can have better stability and prevent ankle injury. 

It also has a unique traction pattern that will keep your feet stable while it sticks on the floor. You can expect that your ankles are safe from any slips. 

If you love doing ankle breakers or layups, Nike Hyperdunk is a great shoe to prevent you from serious injuries. 


Nike Hyperdunk is the best basketball shoe for ankle support because of its ankle brace. It is an effective way to keep the ankles safe from injuries. 

It also has a high-cut design that also guards the ankle. Your heel and toes provide firm support on your ankle in preventing falls and slips. 

Comfort And Fit

A lot of basketball players use Hyperdunk in their games because it looks fashionable and cool. However, the heel part makes the design a little off for some players. 

Pros And Cons

You can select your style from the different colors that Hyperdunk has, up to 40. 

It is also comfortable because of the gentle cushion and the lining that keeps the feet fine despite a hot environment. 

You can use this shoe for your indoor games because of its solid grip.

However, the shoes are stiff when you wear them at first, so it may take some time to be comfortable. 

Nike Lebron Soldier X1

best basketball shoes for ankle support - Nike Lebron Soldier X1

Nike is a consistent sports brand worldwide that offers clothes and shoes. Their shoes are one of the best, particularly the Lebron Soldier X1, premium quality. 

Shoe Construction

The shoes have a comfortable sole which allows the player to play basketball at ease and lightly. You are safe from any ankle injury if you use it during games. 

Aesthetically, the shoes have stripes and exciting color choices—most buyers like choosing from the different colors. 

So far, most customers prefer the black strips that come in the design because you can wear them even on casual outfits. 


The shoe has a Steph curry brace that helps in providing strong ankle support to the basketball players. It is efficient and reliable because it saves them from ankle injuries. 

Comfort And Fit

Overall, the high-quality materials used in Hyperdunk make it comfortable for the users. It is great for casual walks, runs, and even jumping. 

The soles are also great with their cushion that you can even walk a long distance without feeling sore. 

Pros And Cons

The first thing you’ll like about this shoe is the design. It has a unique striped design, various color choices and is fashionable. 

It also has a synthetic material and cushion, which keeps the feet comfortable despite intense activities. Your ankles are safe from possible injuries with these shoes. 

However, some buyers find the color of the shoes to fade after some time. It is also quite expensive compared to other basketball shoes in the market. 

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This article provided a comprehensive list of the best basketball shoes for ankle support. You’ll find that all of these brands are pretty huge and famous in the sports industry because they offer the best shoes. 

Adidas and Nike are some of the consistent companies that give adequate ankle support shoes. It is not about the brand but the security of your ankles from any injuries. 

But to pick a favorite in the list, the Adidas Original Pro Bounce 2018 is an excellent choice in most aspects: budget, comfort, fit, shoe construction, and ankle support efficiency. 

So go out there and pick your best quality basketball shoes for ankle support and enjoy playing.