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Pickleball Shirts — Fashion and Function for Men and Women

Well-known Brands

With the rise of the popularity of pickleball, it is no surprise that companies have begun making Pickleball apparel. And as brands continue producing clothes, they will continuously improve their form and function.  Now you’re curious about what Pickleball shirts look like and their functionality for the sport. Continue reading, as this article describes pickleball … Read more

Is Pickleball for Kids? – Nine Reasons Why.

Smaller Courts

As a parent or grandparent, you’re probably wondering, “Is pickleball for kids?” Yes! Not only is it for kids, but you can actually play with them even if you are worried about your age.  Pickleball is simple enough that it is possible. Continue reading to learn more about pickleball and why it is good for … Read more

Roller Skates vs Rollerblades for Exercise; Is It Even Effective?


Both roller skates and rollerblades have always been grouped as similar sports. Seen as relatively safe and fun sports, people would love to incorporate these into their exercise routines.  This, however, has created a “roller skates vs rollerblades for exercise” debate. No worries; continue reading, as this article contains all the details on how practical … Read more

How Should Roller Skates Fit When Buying a New Pair

General Sizing Tips

When buying new roller skates, you have probably wondered, “How should roller skates fit?” The short answer is similar to leather shoes, but there’s more to it than this.  No worries; continue reading as this article describes how roller skates should fit and other related tips. How Should Roller Skates Fit? Roller skates aren’t like … Read more

What Is Teqball and What Does Its Future Hold?

Teqball's Future

It’s probably your first time hearing of teqball. Maybe you’ve heard of it online because of professionals like Neymar or Messi.  Either way, you’re asking yourself, “What is teqball?” The short answer is that it combines other sports to become its sport.  Please keep reading to find out how this works, its rules, and the … Read more

7 Best Pickleball Machines For Serious Players

Simon 2 Pickleball Throwing Machine

Whether you’re new to pickleball or a veteran, most players would eventually want to “up their game.” You could also be here because you want to play or practice alone.  Either way, you’re looking for excellent-quality or advanced pickleball machines. Stick around, as this article has seven top-tier machine recommendations for all kinds of players. … Read more

The History of Pickleball and The Origin of Its Name.

Naming Origin

You’ve probably heard of the sport pickleball. Maybe you’ve started playing it, too.  Either way, you’ve wondered, “What is the History of Pickleball?” and “Where did the name come from?”  No worries! Continue reading as this article details pickleball’s history. You’ll learn that its origins are simple and amusing. History of Pickleball On a warm … Read more

A Croc With Wheels? Introducing Croc Heelys!

Securing The Screws Within The Wheel

You’ve probably had a pair of crocs in the past, whether from your parents or not. You’ve probably heard of Heelys, too.  Either way, did you know that a Croc with wheels exists? Yes, Croc Heelys do exist. Continue reading, as this article contains details on how this happened and steps to make Croc Heelys. … Read more

Five Best Roller Skates Recommendations for Wide Feet

VNLA All-American V-Line Roller Skates

Having wide feet should not stop you from enjoying roller skating. If you’ve ever felt discouraged because your feet do not fit your skates, you shouldn’t be.  Certain roller skate manufacturers cater to feet such as yours! Now that you know this, you’re wondering, “What are the best wide width roller skates?”  Stick around, as … Read more